Dr Arthur B. Friedman interviews Stan Laurel for Turning Point on August the 14th, 1957, only a few days after the death of his comedy partner, Oliver Hardy.  In this 74 minute interview Stan talks about many things including: Oliver Hardy’s death; his beginnings in a juvenile pantomime company; working for his father in his theatres; how and why he became a comic; understudying Charlie Chaplin in the Fred Karno Troupe; the hardships, good times,  partnerships and professional jealousy of his vaudeville career; his family; The Stan Jefferson Trio; costumes; his early film career with Larry Semon, Bronco Billy, and Hal Roach;  how he became a gag writer and director after struggling to find a comic character; how he was teamed with Oliver Hardy and his return to films; early film making techniques, where gags come from and off the cuff shooting techniques; his relationship with Oliver Hardy and how their characters developed; silent, talkie and feature length films; the worldwide appeal of Laurel and Hardy; his retirement, hobbies, health and fan mail.


Stan Laurel 1957 Interview